Friday, December 30, 2011


My mom got the new (unborn) baby one of those night light things that project constellations onto the ceiling. We got it out yesterday afternoon and the kids took it into Scarlet's room (closet) and I might have thought they were looking at the Grand Canyon in there. They were oooh and ahhhh-ing like crazy. So of course when bedtime came around they pleaded to all sleep in Jane's (queen size) bed so they could sleep under the stars together. I forget why I am explaining all this?? Oh, so the result of the sleepover was me hearing them laughing and talking this morning at 4 am (I only heard them because I'm up the whole night these days since I am so uncomfortable). I was hoping they'd go back to sleep but I fell asleep so who knows what happened after that. Needless to say, today was an emotional day. All four of them cried about nothing periodically and the meltdowns were constant. We learned our lesson about the sleepover thing but we do love that they love to play together so much. Tonight was an early bedtime to catch up for last night, but Jacob stayed up with me a little longer because he had been waiting to show me the game he made up. Tim put the kids to bed downstairs and he and I had some alone time in my room and I watched him play with his animals and he talked my head off. We said a prayer and then I sent him off to bed too and before he left he gave me a darling hug  (he's the least huggy of the kids so his hugs are a real treat) and said, "Mom, I can't wait for the baby, but I wish it didn't hurt you." I asked him why he was excited and he said, "Because we need more people to play with at our house." It was the sweetest moment. I wanted to keep him up with me all night after that. Then he went on about how the baby will only like milk and applesauce but that he'll teach him how to play animals so he'll like that too. Then somehow that led into why he loves Grammy and Baba's house because of Grammy's cozy bed, the hot tub, the tractor rides, waffles, Persian food, Treehouse... Seriously LOVE that kid. He's such a quiet, mature and sensitive guy for an almost 5 year old. Tim and I always muse about how we wish we could just freeze time right now in this stage of life- we're not into this growing up stuff.


Lew said...

We have one of those constellation things and our kids love it, too!

Timothy said...

The best part about Jacob's imaginations and expressions are the faces he makes to accompany them. Bite hard.