Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome to the craft factory

Tomorrow is December 1st and I'm beginning to get anxious about creating a magical Christmas for four little biscuits and having a baby all in one extra busy month. I think it has to do with the nesting phase that comes over me near the end of pregnancy. Nothing is ever clean enough and organized enough it seems. My Christmas shopping is done, I washed up the car seat and baby blankets, I sorted through all the baby boy clothes I've had stored since Jacob and washed up the ones I want to keep. What am I forgetting?? Why do I still not feel ready? This week I decided that the projects we've started and have looming need to be finished up and put away. We finished all three of them today and that really helped.

Project Wrap Up #1 
Christmas Pompom Garland
We had the yarn suitcase out for a few weeks so there were pompom sessions periodically
 throughout the month.

Once we had enough pompoms made, Jane strung them all together and hung them for Christmas, hence the "Ta-Da" pose below :0)

Who new a little Christmas pompom love would make the room so happy.

Project Wrap Up #2
Recycled Crayon Christmas Trees
We peeled a million broken crayon wrappers. Put like colors in muffin tins. Added a little glitter (always glitter) and melted them up. 

Once melted, we poured them into silicone molds.
 So adorable. Scarlet was excited about the hearts.

Project Wrap Up #3
 We pressed a lot of baking clay into our flower molds and then baked them. We coated each one with clear nail polish. Next we glued them onto special bobby pins that have a flat circle attached at end for this kind of thing (although we glued the smaller flowers onto regular bobby pins and it worked just fine too).

Charlie and Jane colored these Mandalas this morning. Maṇḍala is a Sanskrit word that means "circle". It was a whole new coloring experience. I'm just waiting to try one myself :0)


The Schuwer's said...

I love reading your blog so much! I hope to be like you one day and make all kinds of wondrous things with my kids. I love those flower bobby pins! Actually, I love everything y'all make! So cool.

Royall said...

Cute crafts Sarra! They all turned out beautifully!