Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Uncle Mark

I yanked this from Mariah because I LOVED it. 
Mark is the coolest guy. Can't you tell by his beautiful picture...
Its so fun having my three younger brothers be uncles to my kids.  I forget that I am the oldest sibling because they are all so big and hairy and manly now :0) They are always causing some kind of ruckus that my kids talk about for weeks afterwards- like when one of them shut the kids in a dark closet with a blanket over them, or when one gave each kid a big wood stick to fight him with and next thing I know I see him on the back lawn, laid out with three of my kids beating him... or maybe just teaching them some skateboard tricks of going for a dirt bike ride, quad ride or an ice cream run. If only I was half as fun as the uncles.

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