Monday, October 17, 2011

Turkey Time

 I'm more of the "do one thing a year that scares you" type... but I did cook a turkey this month and it was scary. I feel like I have to admit that I bought a turkey breast roast which was all white meat, no bones and no guts or anything weird. Plus, it cooked in less than 2 hours. By the way, Pura Vida Farm will have good for you turkeys ready for Christmas (if you are local).
The kids were so into the candlelight idea.

Homemade ice cream. No sugar. So good. Homemade Raw apple crisp. SO GOOD. No sugar, or butter. Email me for the recipe. We loved it.

I will always do this at Thanksgiving time from now on. Its a "Thankful Tree".
Charlie and Jane gathered small sticks and branches from outside and we put them in a glass jar to make our tree. Then they cut out little paper leaves and strung them with embroidery thread. Then we set the tree out with the little leaves next to it so that we could write something we are thankful for throughout the day and it turns out we'll be doing it all month because its so much fun. Its so cute to see the kids writing and funny spelling on the little leaves. It makes my heart happy every time I pass by it.

I posted so many pictures of this little tree because I just like it so much!


Anonymous said...

hahaha oh my gosh Sarra!! I made seriously that exact same tree on thanksgiving!! Except I used scrapbook paper instead of felt. Weirdo.

Anonymous said...

Hey sarra could you please email the recipe for ice cream and apple risk but the full of butter and sugar versions thanks!

p.s. this is mark not lil bohemes

Rachael Williams Spencer said...

I love the thankful tree Sarra! Thanks for the idea! Maybe we can try it at American thanksgiving. I really want those recipes please. Pretty please!

Rachael Williams Spencer said...

I forgot to say I tried your pumpkin bread recipe and loved it. It actually turned out for me! My family was surprised and delighted. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'd love both those sugar free recipes! I'm starting a 8 week no sugar stint as soon as I'm in the new house.

Timothy said...

this was my favorite thanksgiving for our little family. even though canadians don't know much about turkey bowls and watching football all day. sacrifice and humility.

Lew said...

I would love the recipes, too! Would you mind sending them my way? You continually amaze me. Totally stealing the tree idea, as well.

Elizabeth said...

One scary thing everyday is too many scary things! :) c
Can u post the recipes here for everyone?? I made the pumpkin bread with dates and brown rice syrup... What I happened to have; delIcious!