Monday, October 17, 2011

Month Two.

The best gift I ever bought Jacob is this insect book. He got it for Christmas last year and he still carries it around the house most days. Only now he is so adept with it. He uses the index and knows all the categories by heart. I love when he asks me to look through it with him. It takes a long time so he dog ears the page we finish on so we know for next time. While we are going through it, he'll often show me where he and his friend Summer left off.

We did some Scientific Method lessons and then chose a mold experiment to apply what we learned. It was honestly too gross for me to stand. Mold grows way too fast and we had each food item in a sealed yogurt container but when the lids came off, it REEKED. 

This is a glimpse of "Grammy Class" which happens to go down on Wednesday mornings. My mom Skypes with Charlie, Jane and Jacob, while Scarlet and I have some alone time which has been really nice. She teaches the kids about her travels, which ends up including geography, science, current events etc. The last couple lessons have been from her recent trip to California- so she covered bottle-nosed dolphins, and the brown pelican so far, and earthquakes for this week. She even gives them homework! Grammy Class is AWESOME.

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Meg said...

Love the idea of Grammy class! Your pregnant picture a few posts up is TOO cute! You look fantastic.