Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's a good point...

I was using the food processor this afternoon (shredding a gigantic banana squash. Gigantic as in it took me 45 minutes to shred it) with Jacob sitting on the counter next to me. He was asking to put the squash chunks into the opening of the processor so I let him and that led to this conversation:

Jacob: "Mom what if my hand got in there?"
Me: "It would cut your hand really bad and you might not have a hand."
Jacob: "I wouldn't be able to ride my bike."
Me: "You wouldn't be able to do lots of things."
Jacob: "Yeah, I wouldn't be able to hold a banana."

Later on in the day I had another great conversation with Jacob. We learned how gorillas have four fingers and a thumb, then I asked him why that is. His reply: "So they can rip your face off." The answer is so they are able to grip things tightly, so he was actually bang on.

While I'm writing about Jacob, I'd like to note that he snaps all the time. He snaps when he's trying to think of a word or remember something. He snaps for no reason. He snaps in excitement. He's a snapper.

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