Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Festivities

Pumpkin Farm Fun
Family time with Grandma Gail and Grandaddy, Gessie, and Ash's family.

Jacob was making us laugh because he was walking around with a corn cob between his legs (like for a while), so that he could use both hands to peel a corn cob and then have one ready to peel after. 

These ghosts are my new favorite crafty craft. They are super easy, cost like $4 and they are boo-tiful!

These are some shots of them hanging outside. The wind makes them fly around in a ghosty way.

See the floaty-ness.


I am missing Jacob's mask picture for some reason? It was fascinating for Tim and I to see our kids in a family dance setting. I didn't get pictures at the actual masquerade because it was too dark for my phone camera. But here are some highlights. Scarlet could not have been more delighted- she danced the night away. Jane learned some sweet dance moves from Shaina (who seriously got the party rock'in). I am still picturing her dancing on a chair with a black wig on... love her! 
Charlie was shy like me but he really wanted to dance. He needed his pal Brady I think.  And Jacob was happy as a clam just dancing by himself :0)


Elizabeth said...

Did you really want to dance too? I wish I could have danced with Char:)

Elizabeth said...

These pictures are way too cute - holy cow, Jacob is amazing for using all his limbs to best advantage!

shaysie-daisey said...

LOL!!! Did you see me falling off the chair...remember what happened at the dance stays at the dance...sure love your beautiful famiy!!