Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weird Post

I don't know who took these next three pictures but it looks like a fun photo shoot.

 This is what our two morning hummingbirds do in the early morning. Get bundled up, with dollies in the backpack, on their way out to the backyard imagination land. I'm glad Scarlet didn't forget her necklace :0)
 Jacob grew carrots this summer and he pulled this one out and nearly lost his marbles with excitement.
 We drove passed this dead porcupine, then turned back to have a closer look. Did you know you can just pluck out the quills for fun? Maybe make some jewelry with them or if your Jacob, you can actually poke the apple you are eating with them... DISGUST.

1 comment:

Amy Stachniak said...

I love al the fun, cool, amazing things you do with your kids and how you record them! However, I'm totally calling you out on the poking of the dead porcupine! Seriously, I can't believe you let them touch that thing!!! Yuck!