Sunday, August 28, 2011


Look at the delight of having identified a bird. She truly loves bird watching.

She discovered this "Hairy Woodpecker". Jacob found her a polka dot feather to take home.

We did lots of swimming in the creek which was way fun but the best part was the evening. We sat around the fire and talked and looked at the stars. It was perfectly clear and pitch black so it felt like we could see every star. Tim actually saw 5 shooting stars. The first one Tim saw, Charlie caught too and its impossible to describe the rapture that took over Charlie's entire being. He was yelling and jumping up an down, literally, and describing it to us over and over. These are the moments I love sharing with my kids. I love being part of their discoveries. 

Charlie learned about carving soap. He carved a leaf and I carved a pineapple.

Banana boats. Banana in the peel, but cut lengthwise. Stuffed with mini choc chips, marshmallows and walnuts. Wrap that baby up in tinfoil and roast.

We had bannock, cooked on a stick, for breakfast. 

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, that looked like such fun together! I'm missing every single eaton right now.