Saturday, August 20, 2011

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These are my moms hydrangeas. Don't they make your heart swell.

 the Nature Principle By Richard Louv

The Nature Principle suggest that, in an age of rapid environmental, economic, and social transofrmation, the future will belong to the nature-smart--- those individuals, families, businesses, and political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of nature, and who balance the virtual with the real.

                                 The Rhythm of Family By Amanda Blake Soule


Wonderful things happen in our family when we choose to more slowly through our days. When we stop running and rushing about, we discover more time, energy, and space for the things most important in our lives. By slowing down, our connection with our children and as a family inherently become deeper, our creativity thrives, and we find meaningful ways to fill our time. By paying careful attention to the world around us, the slow and even pace can become one that we draw upon in our family lives as well. It can be the rhythm that we all need.

p. 150

It’s one of the most important lessons I think we can give our children; An appreciation and love of being still. Frequent days when there is no schedule, no plan, no rushing about from here to there.

It’s about the art of being where you are. The ability to sit at the shore= to explore, with only one’s imagination, the tools of the earth, and sometimes each other. I do believe this is the kind of lesson and gift that will continue to nurture their spirits for the rest of their lives; when they are able to find quiet in the middle of our busy lives. When they are able to sit under a tree and just think, just dream, just be for all the time that they need. These are essential lessons of childhood that will carry them into peaceful, healthy adults, able to find peace and quiet amidst the busy days and lives that we all ultimately lead. The outside world has a healing power- showing them this fact at a young age is giving them a lifelong gift of the way to a peaceful heart.

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