Sunday, July 17, 2011


Bean Museum at BYU. I spent four years at BYU going to school and I never once visited this place and its AMAZING!! It was super fun to see it with the kids.

This display was at the BYU Museum of Art. I loved it because it was HUGE and made out of only books.

While we were at BYU we stopped by this classroom. This is where Timmy and I first saw each other- we had a psychology class together (I only attended 3 times, for the first day, the mid-term, and the final exam... I got a C+). We sat down in there and talked about what we remembered of each other, then I had a nice little cry (I'm pregnant, its not my fault I cry about everything) while the kids were running all over the place. We didn't talk until later on in the school year but when Tim saw me walking with my roommates he used the line, "Hey, I think we had a class together." I of course pretended I didn't remember and the only reason I did remember was because he would sit next to the 70 year old T.A. lady with a beehive hairdo and flirt with her all through class...

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cara said...

Ahh, it would have been fun to see you guys! Next time you're in Utah, let me know!