Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jacob is our Cubby

Charlie, "Mom can your baby breathe in there?" Jacob answers, "No Char, because there's no holes."

Jacob is the gentlest, sweetest boy. He is Scarlet's best friend. He is the most patient with her and he she makes him laugh and laugh.

I caught this Spanish moment.
Tim gives the kids Spanish lessons on Saturday mornings. We've been doing it for 7 months already. 

"Letting your youngest children marinate in this atmosphere of engaged, excited learning is the best way to effortlessly raise relentless learners."
I loved this quote and I totally see this in Jacob. He wants to read and do his math and study bugs ALL DAY! He has a remarkable attention span for his age and a marvelous curiosity. He's a quiet guy. I will often find him alone somewhere reading books or doing a puzzle. He's also my little brown boy (at least I got one).

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