Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cupcakes and Lace

First of all a Mariah story. Scarlet loves this song and the words start out, "If I could write you a song..." anyways, she busts a move when it comes on and when she asks for it she calls it, "If-I-Ya" (the first few words blended together). She was saying "If-I-Ya" yesterday repetitively and I was subconsciously blocking her out... then I asked what is she saying? and Jacob says, "She wants Mariah." Which happens to rhyme with "If-I-Ya"

This post is dedicated to Mariah:

Feather cupcakes, very Mariah.

Kebob cupcakes. Just like the 10 Kebabs we downed at Shiraz last week with you and everyone.

Pomegranates. Very Dehghani.

Mustache cooke cutters. Mariah you need these for your baking collection.

Indian frosting for your India love.

Doily patterns! 

Tie-Dye which reminded me of the night you were here and we researched tie-dye all night and then didn't have time to rock it.

Wood liners. YES!

This reminded me of your giant heavenly cupcake you made for us.

Now for the doilies and lacy-ness:


Serena Cherry said...

Sarra I loved every single thing in this post! You and Mariah have the best taste. :)

Elizabeth said...

It's about time you were back! I missed your bloggy - and this was so cute - everything was lovely. I hope I can be on the receiving end of a couple of these cute cupcakes..(hint, hint Mariah!):))

M. said...

um, did you see Heather's wedding dress??? If not, go look :)

Timothy said...

such a little rabbit