Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Marbles are lost

I went home for a week of leisure and leisure it was. My mom let me sleep in everyday and she changed ALL Scarlet's diapers too (only a momma would do this for me). Evidently when I am pregnant my persian side really comes out because all I want to eat right now, in my morning-sick-all-day-state, is my dads persian food. My family was questioning my queasiness when I requested ghormeh sabzi for dinner (not exactly your usual pregnant girl craving) but it was just what I needed.

This picture is what I woke up to for breakfast around 10:30-ish each day.

Then around 11 pm dad would put together a spread of more fruit and breads and cheese and balsamic vinegar for dipping and that kind of stuff.
More fun at Grammy's
 quading with Baba
Finding cat tails

Little family Okra tradition...

Beading with Grammy

 Falling in love with cousin Isabelle

I love how Eli and Isabelle are looking at each other. 

Jane, for some reason, wears a ninja thingy at all times. I think Mariah secretly wants one too.

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