Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Food food food

Sorry about all the food posts, its not my fault that my whole day revolves around what in the world I can find to eat that won't sick me out. The weirdest part is that most of my cravings this time are the same as last time when I was prego with Scarlet. I wish I would have recorded them so I'd know what to eat this time but I'm going to do that now.

Things I buy when I'm morning sick that I NEVER buy under normal circumstances (notice the less food-like and more plastic the better):

1. Power Bars
2. Cheese Whiz
3. Ginger Ale
4. Big Turks
5. Cream of Wheat
6. Dill pickle rice cracker minis
7. French Toast
8. Apple Jelly

Just making this list made me want to faint...

My last confession is that I secretly really want coffee. Like a latte. Where in thunder is that coming from??!! I've never even tasted coffee in my life. I stood in the coffee aisle at Extra Foods (apparently there is one, although I never noticed it before) and just looked at all the different coffee beans. Then, I proceeded to the small appliance aisle and I almost bought an expresso/foaming machine. I'm NUTS.


Elizabeth said...

Your baby is shouting "I want variety!!"

Liesel said...

I thought of you the other day in the grocery store when I walked past the coffee section. It made me smile.