Thursday, May 26, 2011


cutest mini garden ever.

We braided all of these fabric strips to make wrap bracelets, necklaces, and Charlie uses his for a belt. This activity taught Charlie how to braid and now he's a pro.

banana bread bonding

Timmy is getting really good at picking out clothes for me. He found this skirt on 
Etsy and got it for my birthday. 

She's showing us her eyeshadow.

Jane left us this masterpiece. I love all the buttons she drew at the bottom and how she taped one on.

Jane is cute about thanking us for things. This one was a thank you for a fun Easter. 
Best peeps drawer ever.
I looked out the kitchen window and caught this strange meeting. An indian and a dinosaur and Charlie, talking about life. I continued to watch them playing and snapped these next few shots.

Don't ask me why Jacob woke up this morning and thought, I'm going to get in my dinosaur costume and run around the yard...
( I want to note some things about Jacob here. I'm not sure if I ever recorded that he learned to ride his bike on Sept. 4th 2010. He was only 3 years old. Another thing is his recent sleep talking. I overheard him mumbling this in his sleep:
"I want my summer... I want my summer."
Speaking of sleep talking, I heard Tim say this in his sleep the other night:
"Willow, that's what he named her isn't it?" 

same goes for this little indian princess.

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