Monday, May 9, 2011


Mother's Day always catches me off guard. I guess I just have my own mom and Gail on my mind and forget that it applies to me to :0)

This year might have been my best Mother's Day yet. The kids were so cute about everything. Can you see at the bottom of Jane's folded snowflake that she cut out the letters M-O-M. How cool is that! I think I got enough drawings and homemade jewelry to last me until next Mother's Day :0) Timmy put together the sweetest little treats for me and made a splendid salmon dinner and and the kids took care of breakfast in bed. 

A Fragment By Theo Marzials
Stanza 1 and 3

And then it seem'd I was a bird
That dipt along the silent street.
In that strange midnight nothing stir'd,
And all was moonlight, still and sweet.

And lower yet by flower-set still,
And close against her window-bars
And still the moonlight flowed, and still,
The still dew lit the jessamine stars

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