Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just Kill Me

I know I'm going to be an even more annoying blogger because instead of rambling on about all my lamo arts and crafts,  now I feel the need to whine about being pregnant. So I think this is my second whine post so I will start with a number two.

2. Cooking a human and running on the treadmill at the same time is strikingly arduous.
3. I would love to barf, rather than feel like barfing 24 hours a day.
4. Thank you Kraft Foods for making Stoned Wheat Thins
 (aka "Magic Crackers") They taste like cardboard which is perfect for right now.
5. Is it o.k. that Timmy left a mouse trap on the counter and I called him at work to threaten him...
6. I want to record for my own future reference my peculiar food evolutions. What I've been able to choke down this last week:

It started with cereal (which we NEVER buy) after a few bowls of that I never wanted to look at cereal again. I moved on to english muffins with peanut butter and honey. Then eggs.
Then spring rolls (I NEVER eat these either). Then gummy candies. Then a burger (NEVER EVER have ordered a burger at a restaurant in my life). Then I had an angel food cake for lunch all to myself (egg whites?), hate salsa, pasta sauce, and all vegetables.

Thank you for letting me do this. That was like therapy for me.


Serena Cherry said...

Sarra, you and I could totally hang out while pregnant. I feel like I want to throw up but rarely did. I think I have very similar aversions and cravings...and mine are super sporadic! I once made Chris go and buy me a COLD CUT COMBO sandwich from Subway. Let's just say I've never eaten one before, and haven't since. HA! It is nice to be able to vent every now again, because, really...having kids is super hard. And super awesome at the same time. :)

Elizabeth said...

I'm not sure what in a cold cut combo a baby would need, to grow....other than sodium!

Liesel said...

as an RD I say eat whatever you can during that first trimester when you feel like dying. I ate more McD's in the past few months that the past few years combined.
Here's hoping it gets better soon.

Tisha said...

I totally feel your pain...the last two years with the back to back pregnancies again I feel like I've been so worthless and braindead! It's so frustrating to just not feel like yourself! I really don't understand people who like being pregnant- I detest it! and the nausea..I always get frustrated when people think I'm lucky because I'm "just nauseous" all day instead of throwing up..I seriously rather vomit and just get it over with! anyway, I have weird cravings too, but they are usually consistent, this time around it's been orange soda! how weird is that? like I'm 5 again!
my heart is with you all the way! hang in there! PS- I love that Jane is playing cello! she looks adorable!