Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chickadee the Cello

This is Jane's first day of Cello lessons. She's been taking cello for a few months now. Her first assignment was to name her cello. She made a brainstorm list with these names:
In the end she picked Chickadee. 

On her first day, Jane was looking forward to going to her lesson just with me- sort of a mom and daughter date. But little Charlie was in agony. He couldn't bare to miss out on Jane's big day. He didn't stop expressing his sorrow the whole day. I wanted Jane to decide that he could come on her own so I waited even though I could see it was hard on Charlie to be in limbo. In the end she let him come but it was quite the last minute fiasco. Of course they ended up having a fun time together and everyone was happy. So many delicate feelings to keep safe around here.
Jane brought Chickadee cello on our family vacation to fairmont and even tucked it into bed.

Scarlet calls it a "Chewoh"

 This is the night Tim took Charlie and Jane to the symphony. We got tickets for his birthday.
They got home sooooooo late. They were tired but so excited by the whole experience.
(She lost her front tooth in March)

I made them each a little symphony packet to work on in case it got difficult for them to sit for the whole 2 hours. It had all kinds of music worksheets and coloring pages etc.

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