Monday, March 21, 2011

3... 2... 1... GO!!!

My first official race-  the Moonlight 10k run. I'd been told to be careful because I might catch the race bug but that's for sure not what happened. It was fun to experience but I am feeling no urge to be a regular at the races. I'm not good at exerting myself, its just not my thing. The sadness was that Tim signed up to do it with me but Scarlet was sick and we didn't want to abandon her in her time of need with a babysitter so he stayed home and I went alone. Last minute Paul, Tim's brother-in-law took Tim's spot and came with me. I was impressed that he wanted to spontaneously run 10k in the dark and it was snowing. He did awesome, I was really proud of him for doing it without any preparation.

So Charlie before I left told me I was going to win. I quickly told him that some people were really good runners so I wouldn't win but that was nice to say and he said, "No mom, you'll win because Jesus will help you." Well after that reasoning I figured I had a pretty good chance. 49 minutes later I felt like this:

Jane was awake when I got home and so I was being a little dramatic for her. But I really was tired...


Elizabeth said...

Aunt Becky would be proud:) I love all the pics of the kids and their projects, I'm going to call up Jacob tomorrow and find out about bugs!

Anonymous said...

haha maaan Sarra!
I heard you were a champ.
Instead of running races...i have been eating a million pounds of dessert.
We have to find a race that we can both run!