Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All The Cool Kids Are Listening To It

After Scarlet's first use of the english language was the song Hush Hush (I'm not kidding its brutal) I've been stuffing my music library with yummy happy kid songs. This Elizabeth Mitchell album is perfect. Besides, it has a Neil Young cover and the album is called You Are My Little Bird which is awesome.

Here are the paraphrased highlights from the itunes write up:
"Elizabeth Mitchell has been lending her lovely voice to folk-leaning indie rock for years, and in recent years she's been displaying the same intelligence and playful joie de vivre on a handful of recordings for children. You Are My Little Bird is a sweet, simple little gem, as warm and joyous as a clear spring day."

This one is way good too- Johnny Cash Children's album. My kids like, There's a Bear in the Woods, Call of the Wild, and Why is a Fire Engine Red.

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