Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Corners Of This Old House

Here is my gaudy chandelier #3 for this house.
 The new painted white floors. It turned out fabulous. Thanks for the idea mom. 
I love how it still looks wet.

We revamped the school room too. No more bunnies. yay.
 This chalk board wall is fun times. It works better than I thought it would.
We've been using it constantly.

Its so nice to have a place for all of our school stuff.

My BELOVED book collection. A copy of Milton's Paradise Lost from 1892 came with our house! It was left on the shelf.

All of our door knobs look like this. SO cool!

From this...

To this!
Our avocado plant is growing like a weed!

I have relevant books strategically placed all over the house. Learned that little trick from Momma D.

The sunrises through this window are to die for.

I changed a bunch of our switch plates and what a difference it makes.
Open this cupboard and take a whiff. My spices get their very own cupboard.

Seriously we found the coolest things all over this place. We found this scrap wood in the backyard with this RAD doorknob. I was dying.

Just went inside this shed thing in our yard for the first time today. 

Just saw this side of this building for the first time today too. Its so cool that this thing has a basement cellar (the kids claimed it for their "clubhouse") and an upstairs (in which we found 4 neato sleds). 

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