Monday, January 24, 2011

These are for our 4 biscuits we are missing

We call it "Cloudy with Meatballs", They call it "Raining Hamburgers."

Tim says I subconsciously close my eyes for every picture because its cute. That can't be true because its so NOT cute and I do not understand how I defy the statistical laws of blinking for a picture...
This was taken after church on Sunday. We took the 40 min bus ride to church and it was so good to attend with all the Mexican members. They couldn't believe that I didn't speak spanish and Tim does.

A sailboat like Uncle Eli's.

This one, and the next couple are for Charlie. He loves lizards.

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chick pea said...

Sarra these pictures look so amazing. I think I can feel the sun just looking at them. The water looks divine!
I love that your reading "Walden" how perfect.