Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stretch Candy

Apparently stretch candy isn't as easy to make as it looks. I may need a one-on-one demo with Sis. Hatch to get it right. A pair of rubber gloves and a thermometer would have helped too. We still ate it, even though it about ripped our teeth right out of our heads, because the grape flavor was so tantalizing. I love these shots of crazy Jane stretching. 


Andrea said...

I've found it takes multiple time of trying to make stretch candy to get it right... even with Priscilla & my grandma right there helping ;) If you don't have rubber gloves on hand, at least smothering your hands in butter helps a bit! It makes me happy to see my Hatch family tradition being passed along!

Anonymous said...

Your island is so cool! Is that lentils or spices in there?