Saturday, January 8, 2011

My newest love

Healthy Licorice. Tried it. LOVE it. Have a stash. In my bedside table. For late night bedtime snacks. Have some in the car. Some in the pantry. Some in my gym bag. Tastiness. Goodness.

Molasses, wheat flour, cherry puree, citric acid, natural flavor, black carrot juice concentrate, licorice extract.


Royall said...

Funny you should post this- I noticed it in the natural foods aisle the other day and wondered if it is any good. I love black licorice which incidentally is essential to be accepted in Matt's Low side of the family. The first question his Grandmother asked to sort of measure me up was if I liked black licorice.

Tisha said...

this is curteis' and I's FAVORITE!! we used to get it all the time back at Good Earth in Utah! we LOVE the raspberry best...just found some over New Years at one of Leslie's awesome hippy grocery stores in Asheville! Where can I get a huge box like that? Online?