Saturday, January 1, 2011

More House Tours

These are the stairs that lead you upstairs to the master bedroom and to the learning land (school room).

We are keeping this mustard color - the only walls in the whole house that we are leaving the same.

 This is by far my favorite place in the house. Its so nice to have a room to put all of our educational materials- frogs, magnifying glasses, games, books, maps, clay, crayons, canvas, puppets, puzzles...
Yes, I realize that the bunny wallpaper is deadly and the border is even deadlier. We haven't got the upstairs painted yet but its on the list. Notice the window seat by the windows for our reading time. Delicious.

Next door to the school room is the master. See the log walls... its wallpaper!!! I am not ready to post these pictures yet. Our room seems to be the last room to get attention.

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