Saturday, January 1, 2011

Marble Factory

Jacob made squillions of marbles for his Christmas Market Sale. We made a few batches a week for over a month. He made big ones, small ones, glitter ones, scented ones, white ones (snowballs), gold ones (fools gold), and all kinds of colored ones. The coolest part is that he truly worked on this project himself. 

This was his table at the market. 10 marbles for a dollar! It was so cute watching him count out the marbles and put them in a bag for his "customers".

This was Jane's table. She sewed bean bags and she made lavender sachets. Jane grew her lavender in the garden this past summer. She harvested it, dried it and put it in jars to use for her sachets. It was neat to see her learn this process from start to finish. I would wake up in the morning and often find her sewing away- who knows how long she'd been awake working.

I'm not sure why Charlie is doing his cool guy pose here :0) Charlie made these "I Spy Jars" but we called them Treasure Tanks. He collected all sorts and sizes of glass jars. We used our play rice to fill up the jars and then Charlie collected teeny items to add to the rice. He included pennies, buttons, fabric, safety pins, animals, bouncy balls, marbles, beads, hard candy etc.

Here is Timmy with the kids at their tables. The market was surprisingly busy which was relieving for the parents. At the end all the kids traded what they had left and that was the best part. 

There was face painting and stretch candy and yummy refreshments and Christmas music and all our fun friends to spend time with.

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Elizabeth said...

LOVED this post...I love the look on their faces while they work on their projects. I'm glad I have in my possession, some of these wonderful creations:)