Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fashion Friday but its not Friday

Did I already post this one? Well its worth a second post- its so beautiful.

Lovely dress #1

Anything Peacocks is good. They are my favorite for obvious reasons. My gaudy persian opulent tendencies find relief in the presence of peacocks.

Lovely dress #2
Mariah posted this and I had a good conversation about hair knots with my friend Corrine which caused me to need to post it.
Heaven. Pure Heaven. 
Lovely dress #4


Serena Cherry said...

Those dresses are all amazing, I love looking at your blog! It makes me feel right at an inspiring way. Where is that last dress from? I love it!

Royall said...

LOVE #4! Who makes it?

Sarra Eaton said...

When I come across an image I like it goes in my blog file. Which means I have no clue what goes where or where it came from etc. I need to be better about linking my posts- I'm a lazy blogger. In other words, $4 is a mystery.

Liesel said...

I like the hair knot.