Sunday, October 17, 2010

We love Asia

So we finally had the long awaited "Asian Party". We got library books about Asia and studied them for a month, then planned our party. We learned a lot of Origami which I particularly enjoyed. The marigold hanging in the picture above was made with 8 pieces of paper. Pretty fancy.

Her is our table setting. Asian colors. Fortune cookies and paper peacocks from the asian supermarket.

Streamers, balloons...
The kids each made a menu. They practiced writing their names in Japanese characters on the front of it. Above is Jane's menu, and below is Charlie's. The menu had 3 types of rice, fish, tofu, and all kind of vegetables for stir fry, soy sauce, ginger, chocolate milk and Jane's lavender ice cream. When the meal was over the kids paid with their Monopoly money that we wrote "Yen" on.

The nifty paper decorations were a hit. Especially this dragon.

My parents brought these chopsticks home from Japan for us. So we had the real deal to practice with. We watched a few YouTube tutorials on using chopsticks and for some reason Charlie was exceptionally adept with them.
Even Scarlet had a place setting complete with a teeny pink origami butterfly.

We played a chopsticks game where you race using chopsticks to carry marshmallows.

After the chopsticks race we played an Asian game called "Happy Laugh"
You are blindfolded and have to try and put a face together- sort of like pin the tail on the donkey on its pin the eyes, nose and mouth on the face...

Our evening didn't  have the same ambiance as this picture...but there was many a paper crane hanging from the ceiling and the chinese classical music helped :0) It was a magical evening.

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tracie said...

I love the kids writing their names in japenese and the chopsticks. that is so fun. and the races and face game. Steve was really hoping to be invited to the Asain party.