Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quoting all the time

We went to Waterton this week for our annual Elk Bugling evening (I can't believe how into it Tim gets). We went down our favorite bear sighting road and within half an hour, we saw 11 bears!! They were out slurping up all the saskatoon berries (or should I say Zaskatoon berries like Jane says). It was incredible. Most of them we had totally to ourselves to watch and the crazy thing was that we saw them all just from the road. I've never seen Tim so excited. He was saying things like, "I LOVE this place!" (yes, I just quoted Tim admitting to love Canada). He also said, "Everything is becoming a bear to me right now." I heard Jane say this about a bear we saw, "That one will rip you to shred." (Yes, she said shred, singular). Charlie's description came out like this, "That bear is petrified, and punctual." Don't ask me wear in tarnation he heard those words, or why they came to him while bear watching. 

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The Schuwer's said...

Your quote posts make me so happy. I love reading them.