Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quotes R Us

Before we left for our road trip up to Grammy's, I grabbed some things to occupy Scarlet in the car. One thing I brought is our ladybug land. It happened to be full of ladybugs and she totally sat quietly watched them for a while. Anyways, that was that and later on into the drive the older 3 kids fell asleep on the back row. Then Charlie woke up abruptly and grouchy and starts barking, "It smells like ladybugs in here." 

He was so mad about that. Scarlet actually just needed a diaper change-a-rama but he thought it was the ladybugs :0)

So TImmy and I are laughing and he barks, "What's so funny? They smell like squished. it smells so gross that I could die."

We keep laughing, only harder.

Charlie continues, "What the man, what are you guys laughing about. Where's our reward? Well???"

We did not know what he was talking about.

Today when Timmy got home from work he called out to Charlie to say Hi and ask what he was doing.
Charlie said, "I'm just feeding this poor little rabbit."

I don't know why he called it a poor little rabbit?? He has a big treehouse all to himself and gets maybe too much playtime with the kids.

K. Last one. In the car today Jacob asked me what's for dinner? I told him we are having soup and biscuits and he replied, "We're going to eat the kids for dinner!!!"
I didn't get it at first, but when I realized that around here we have to differentiate between food biscuits and kid biscuits...

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