Saturday, October 2, 2010

Does anyone care about this stuff???

I feel as though my blog may be boring some people to death! The problem is that most of my posts aren't so much for the general public, but more for my own record- so when my kids grow up they will be able to see how I played with them every waking moment of my life.
 I'm working on printing my blog off into a book (by the way, you might want to do that before you have 3 years to work on, its a bigger job than I thought- especially when you have millions of spelling mistakes) so its becoming my new scrapbooking. Anyways, this is my disclaimer to excuse all my seemingly pointless posts.
 Jane and I worked on these veggie bags. They are super easy and so handy dandy. I got the idea from the book Grow Great Grub (great book), she says its the best way to store garden greens. I use them for all my veggies because it looks way better than all the plastic bags and more importantly, they totally work. You just keep the tea towel sack damp and enjoy crisp garden lettuce all week :0)
My mom got me these bright and happy cloth napkins. We use them all the time. Just a little thing we are changing in our house to be more green.

Charlie worked so hard on these letters. He wrote a letter to each person in the Cisnero's family. He did it totally on his own and worked so hard. 

My postcard from Tiiu! Love her and Finland.

Two things to note here. Firstly, the painting in the background was done by my friend Micah. She is a budding artist and I plan on keeping it until she's a famous painter and its worth millions. The paper bags are filled with tomatoes from our garden. Someone told us to put them in a paper bag with a ripe banana and they will turn red faster. I'll let you know how that goes.

Cool bowls.

Cupcake idea.


tracie said...

yes i do care about this stuff! remind me to ask you where you are printing off your blog cause i need to print mine off too. and i'm a little skeptical about your tomatoe's in the brown bag with the banana....

Cammie said...

Your blog is totally NOT boring! I love it and check out what you're up to regularly. I want to be more like you! You are very inspiring.

I want to print a blog book as well. . .I think I'll have to leave the proof-reading to Jason.

Liesel said...

ditto to Tracie & Cammie. I like keeping a connection to my childhood1 and you were a big part of it. How many of your friends (not from southern alberta) got to have like 10 girls their age?

Serena Cherry said...

I care about your blog! I love reading it, it makes me so happy! I have done 2 blog books, we are almost 2 years to get on it! I love the one's we've done though, it is my family record keeping!