Friday, September 10, 2010


Jane has said so many adorable things lately that I want to record.

The first was in the morning- she was snuggled up to me and said,
"Can you sew us together mom?"
One word. Temple.

Another came while looking through our iphoto albums.
She said, "I wish we could just have our life over."
I love that she's only six, yet still feels like she wants to do it all again.

Then on Tues. morning I made a rhubarb cake and Jane said,
"Are you melancholy that Charlie doesn't like the cake?"

This last one is my favorite. Jane has a growing obsession with Anne of Green Gables and I even caught her rewinding the part at the end where Anne says, "I don't want marble halls and sunbursts, I just want you Gil." Something like that. Anyways, I caught her rewinding that one line and watching it over and over and I can't say that I haven't done it myself but how in the world would she think to do that!?? So we have been quoting Anne lines to each other now and then and then she busts this one out. It was right after someone called us to make an offer on our house. They wanted to trade us our house for their acreage which is exactly what we have been waiting for. The kids have been anxious about our idea to move out to an acreage so they were really thrilled about he option and Jane said,
"I feel as though someone has handed me the moon, and I don't know what to do with it."
I could not believe the way she dropped that right into context. Amazing.


Cammie said...

She is so precious and perfect. I love her.

Royall said...

Wow. No wonder you want to homeschool her. Grade 1 would be an intellectual doldrum for her.

Tisha said...

LOVE it! how many times have I rewound that last part! Gilbert Blythe and Teddy (from Little Women) were the "perfect man" standard all my growing up years until I met the real thing when I met Curteis :) Jane has good taste! and I was just thinking that Ani's about the right age to start Anne of Green Gables :) Jane, I would love to spend the afternoon quoting "Anne" with you!