Friday, September 17, 2010

Disgusting Recipes

This morning we did some math using bowls of water and measuring cups and spoons etc.
I showed them a few equations and then had them make up their own. They sat and played with the measuring equipment for a while. When they were finished with that we looked at some real recipes and I taught them about how to read a recipe. At the end I asked them to write out their own recipes and this part was a hit. The thought of making up their very own recipe somehow went a long way. Here is a sample of what they came up with. I love how individual they are- Jacob's sounds alright, Jane's is a little silly, and Charlie's was sickening. The best part though was how Charlie wrote YUME at the end of his and Jane wrote cook for 2 AWRS on hers :0)

The Worm Sandwich By Charlie

Make a sandwich with goobers in it. Worms in it too. Go outside to find 20 worms. 
To make the goobers you cut off the worm skin until you have 20 cups and put it in the sandwich. Put the 35 1/2 C guts and the 9 tsp blood in the goobers and eat.


The Sausage Meat Cake By Charlie

Get a 6 pound pig. Cut it up. Then put it in your cake. Then get 12 sausages at the store, if you can, and then you cut up the sausages (if you got them) and other meat too. 

9 Tbs pig guts
Throw the rest of the pig in your compost, if you have one.
Put all the skin in your cake.
Then you are going to put it in the oven for 9 hours. 

Jacob Cookies Eaton By Jacob

2 C chocolate
4 C raisins
5 eggs
6 tsp salt
some sprinkles

20 minutes in a really hot oven.

Pig Mud Cake By Jane Eaton

1/2 C pickles
2 tsp jam
5 eggs

turn oven up to 93.
for 20 seconds and 2 awrs.

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Serena Cherry said...

I love that they wrote their own recipes!! This a great idea that I will try! Charlie sounds like a fun little guy! :) I love it!