Monday, July 17, 2017

Learning All the Time

 Jello fossil activity- permineralization and petrification. 
 She's very studious in her sleep
 Jacob continues to invent his own boardgames. 
 Scarlet teaching the littles how to draw bubbles.

We have the best home teacher! He gathered a bunch of supplies and came to teach us about fractional distillation. It was very hands on which was especially fun for the kids. We learned lots of new terminologies which made us feel smart. 

Jacob got to play in a ball hockey tournament with a friend. We were a bit worried about it since he'd never once played ball hockey but then we found out he scored 6 goals in the first game! Our worries quickly dissipated.

Four pianists, one piano. We have a fantastic music teacher! Don't be fooled- this is a small space for four plucky children. There was many a heated moment but we all survived.

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