Monday, May 22, 2017

Fieldtrips are the best!

Leduc #1 is a fantastic field trip. It was really neat to learn about our local history. 

Our science studies have really flowed one to the next this year- we started off learning about electricity, which led to hydroelectricity which led to nuclear power which led to radiation which led to non-renewable/renewable energy sources which led to fossil fuels which led into geology... Something like that. 

The learning I like best is when a friend comes to share their passion with us. In this case our friends came to teach us about Jazz. We learned some history, some theory, and the best part was the live demonstration!
We built bird feeders at the library program. Ezra and Hazel really enjoyed all the tool time. I was thankful Charlie came with me to help or I never would have finished!

Spring 2017

Making some pretty awesome Moana necklaces.

Hazel working on her alphabet box- passed down from Ezra since he's already reading like a wizard!

More Barabara Reid plasticine projects.
Cute as a button.
Cool cousins coming to watch the boys play their final game.
Great season- third place!
Jane and I got to see Edgar Moreau the cellist play at the Winspeare.
This house makes crazy icicles which make fantastic Lord of the Rings swords.

This tea party is looking a little too much on the organized side... but at least there is a keyboard nearby :)