Monday, March 20, 2017

Party Party

 Happy New Years 2017
 Scarlet, her pal Miriam, and one freezing bottle drive
 It feels so foreign to eat out as a family. Literally done this only a handful of times. 
 Ezra, Lily, Jacob, Eli and Jane got to be together for January birthday times.
It was  SO fun to see our favorite family friends.
Charlie is always prepared for holidays with a car drawing now. 

 Timmy and the kids made my favorite- summer rolls- for my birthday dinner
and even a healthy cake!
Grammy finds the best books always.
Well, rather she finds the best gifts always. Banner of cute drawings of literary heroines... C'mon! How does she find these things?!
 Jake got a zippy new sled.
And now we have a theatre for our Shakespeare plays. Life is complete. 
The kids have been learning about small business at the Spooniful Inc. shop. 
Getting paid the big bucks now too. 

 Oh how we miss our old neighborhood. Life long friends we hope. 
We had a nice afternoon playing and visiting. I always leave feeling filled to the brim with goodness.
 Love it when old friends come to Edmonton and we get a quick visit.
 The kids love the Valentines minute to win it type games. I guess it's tradition now.

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