Sunday, December 3, 2017

Out and About

The kids got to go flying with the Young Eagles program. Basically pilots volunteer to take kids up in their planes to "welcome young people into the world of aviation."

 We spent a month learning about Henry Ford and the Model T so we went on a few car related field trips. The first was to our local automotive repair shop. The owner gave us a tour and answered our question. Afterwards we visited the Ford Dealership nearby.

The staff made it super fun for the kids. They let all six kids climb in and out of all the different models- the truck was the highlight because it had message seats. Yes, you can now buy cars that will message you all the way to work! 

They gave us toy cars as souvenirs.

We had a fun visit with friends- I love how our two families makes a dozen kids!
 When we get together we try to plan some time for the kids to share what they've been working on- music or poems of sketches of pie-making :)
 It's such a delight to inspire and encourage each other.

Another trip to Beaverhill Bird Observatory. This time we went at night instead of the early morning because it's owl season.

I took the littles to a homeschool Yoga class. I haven't laughed that much in a while. I was trying to not be disruptive but they were SO cute I couldn't help it.

Jane got to spend a day with Jeff Faragher- a fancy celtic cellist. He has his cello hooked up to all kinds of pedals and equipment- he let the students try it out which Jane thought was so cool! After the workshop they did a short performance for the parents. 
I couldn't believe what they put together in one day!
Jane had the opportunity to take a masterclass with another cellist- Rachel Mercer.  
She also was able to attend the Zuill Bailey Cello Concert. 
It's not everyday you get to see a world famous cellist!

Last day of Chess Club. The boys will miss their Saturday Chess tournaments.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Garden Times

 This is our AWESOME home teacher, brother K. 
He and Ezra are good buddies.

 I've always wanted to grow my own calendula. It is such a delight to grow and dry. I've made infused oil with it already and hopefully some new salves soon.

 This patch of Lavatera flowers from a friend filled my soul with joy.

 Fancy salad makers!

 We were so lucky to have our bishop from church keep his bees on our land. It was quite thrilling for the kids to watch him work with the bees.

Charlie makes us beet pop.

Froggies in the garden. 

Juniper the grey kitty.


Oh the excitement for a pool day at Grammy's! It was sure fun swimming the afternoon away and who knew Grammy had such an impeccable dive!