Monday, November 7, 2016

Fall Is My Favorite

Isn't she adorable. She's a perfect example of motherhood.
She also grows perfect apples.
So many little people love her! Why does she look so young in these pictures? I can't get over it. Crossing my fingers for the young looking genes :)

I usually take school pictures on a Sunday because it's the one day everyone is fully clothed with hair brushed and faces are clean, all at once...
Charlie is looking forward to turning 12. 
He feels prepared to move on from Primary and join in Young Mens at church.
Scarlet is turning 8 this year so she's started her baptism prep class.

Jacob is turning 10 this school year. He's gentle and patient.
Jane is turning 13. She is navigating through changing emotions with impressive grace.
I mourn Hazel growing up daily. Lately she is the "H" police. If there
 is a letter H anywhere in sight, she will find it.
Ezra is still a daddy's boy. I call him my Teddy.
Our theme for 2017
"Our eternal education, that of becoming a disciple of Christ, 
requires that we plant the seed of the gospel, in our hearts- and live it."
First day of school came with a Klootcheh cookie, a bag of marbles, 
and carbonated homemade beet juice :) 
 I try to pick just the right book to read aloud for the beginning of the year. 
This year we read All-of-a-Kind Family. It was darling. We thoroughly enjoyed it.
 Ezra started piano lessons. He is very enthusiastic about it.
 She wrote her own name on her name tag at the library program. SO cute.
 Jane started riding lessons down the street. Being at the barn fills her bucket.
 Jacob writes chess notation. It's like another language. It's so cool how 
he can replicate a match by reading over his notation sheets.
Ezra drew the most magnificent mallard! I can't remember why he 
chose a mallard but seriously- it's remarkably accurate.