Monday, June 6, 2016

Catch Up

Hazel and Ezra got some special Valentine treats. I'm consciously trying to not lose steam with my last couple of kids!
 We make these same googley eye valentines every year.
 Scarlet enjoys grinding the wheat for her chore. Bless her heart because it's loud and messy!
 Jane and her lovely teacher played a concert at Grammy's together. It was her Suzuki Volume 2 graduation.
We've spent many hours exploring at our Edmonton Science Center, but the Rubik's Cube exhibit was by far our favorite. The three big kids can easily solve a cube in a minute now- they barely have to even look as they do it!

 Jane helped the workers finish the Rubik's cube Alberta flag.
They couldn't have done it without this guy. He was a Rubik's master!
Mark was just a leetle bit threatened by the kids whipping him at the cube...
More science center fun.

Jane even wrote the science center a business letter because we think it's so great and received a very thoughtful letter back.
 This little darling!!
 How does this happen?!
Jane has been so excited about going to the temple. 
I got to take her for her first time and we had a lovely visit. 
Jane and Jacob got letters back for their stories they submitted to Polar Expressions Publishing. 
 We had a short fieldtrip at the Police Station. We even got to hear a guy in a cell banging and yelling as we walked around. YIKES! 
The boys had a terrific basketball season. They both work so hard on the court. 
 The both also earned their 6 star Cub Scout plaques.

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Elizabeth said...

The letter from the Science Center is thoughtful indeed... she wrote that especially for Jane. Totally cool.