Thursday, February 18, 2016

Christmas 2015 Continued

We put up a small Christmas tree in the school room and this year Scarlet was so diligent about wrapping ornaments for it and putting a new one on Ezra's tray each day for him to open and put on the tree. We had done that for her when she was joy school aged so she made sure it happened for Ezra. She was also very excited about scanning everyone's finger each day with the Naughty or Nice app on my phone. She definitely wins the award for Most Christmas Spirit this year!
Scarlet usually gets olives in her stocking. She's the only olive eater out of the 8 of us.

The girls surprised themselves and actually wanted some girly things this year- like fake nails and glitter makeup. I'm always encouraging them to be lady like- like perhaps wearing dresses (like me) but they persist in their "naytriss-ness". That's their word for being outside, nature, tree climbing girls. 
Hazel got a kitchen which has been worth every penny. We placed it in the kitchen so she and I can cook together.
Now Scarlet is set-up to snowboard with the older three kids.
I was unusually mainstream gifty this year. I bought the kids junky plastic-y, large toys. My friends always tease me about having 6 kids and not a toy insight but this year I really let loose. Cinderella light-up shoes? I may have crossed the line.
I found this treasure on Kijiji. Best lego table eva! I highly recommend NILO activity tables.
It was tricky picking out a skirt for Jane that was a bit of an older girl style but Etsy never lets me down :)
Jane's been loving learning to draw horses this year.
I just adore Scarlet's drawings.- they have a very distinct style.
I also highly recommend this Goobi toy. The Goobi's are played with twice as much as the Lego at our house and all the kids equally enjoy them.

Tim and I went to our favorite Persian restaurant together on Christmas Eve. We'd already had Christmas earlier in the week so real Christmas Eve was just a regular day for us.
This was our Christmas Eve- Timmy and the olders sang Holy Holy Holy by Sufjan Stevens for us and Ez fell asleep on me which was heavenly :)
This Christmas we went down to Utah for a family reunion. It was neat that the whole family was there. We had a fun talent show one night and took this picture of all the grandkids together.
Hazel gave Gramma Gail a hug which is miraculous for Hazel who usually puts up her "no way" arm to hugs.