Friday, December 25, 2015

Winter Wonderland

The boys have been loving their B-ball games this year. It's their first year but they caught on so fast. Tim and I are super fans- we get such a kick out of watching them. I never knew how thrilling an Elementary ball game could be.

 Timmy and the kids sang I Know That My Redeemer Lives in Sacrament meeting.
 I've been enjoying putting out winter and Christmas books on display around the house this year.
 As a family, we've decided to make the Sabbath day more distinct from the rest of the days of the week. It definitely takes some planning. We try and prepare for it on Saturday by cleaning and getting meals organized. We made a family list of good Sunday activities like playing boardgames, writing in journals, bring treats to neighbors, family history, etc. I have one of the younger kids put out this church display on the kitchen table before they go to bed on Saturday. When they see it in the morning, it reminds them it's Sunday. We also lay out everyone's journals for the morning too.
 Charlie did an awesome job at his first piano festival. He was even invited back for the Gala concert the following week.
 We were able to visit with the Walter's for Brady's birthday this year. It was really fun to share his birthday with him. Charlie and I came up with this mini foosball table for his gift. I love getting to know each of their kids a little better each time. We all look up to them.
 We got to go see the lights at the Leg this year for Jane's cello concert. She had one of three solos this time which was neat. The best part was all the support she had- my parents and Eli's family and her horse riding teacher all came!

 Afterwards we got to have Belly stay at our house. She was as adorable as always. We had a cute scripture story and tuck in time together.
I LOVE her so. 
Grammy and baba are always good sports about our longish musical recitals. We love living close now and having them come to everything. 
Little besties. 

 This little is obsessed with dresses and pretty things. She loves painting her nails and wearing sparky things. Finally and a little Persian princess daughter. 

She plays this game with Jacob they call Find the Eggies. Jacob hides these wooden penguin eggs and she finds them. 

I love how she calls herself "Azel" and I also love how Jane calls her "child" or "the child"

She memorized the planet song with the big kids so now she knows all the planets in order. 
 We were having a family history lesson and I was handing out each child's birth certificate so they could look at what kind of information is written on one and the next thing I knew, Ezra had written his name all over the back of his. YIKES.

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