Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Summer Party Time

We could hardly believe our college pals decided to fly their whole family up to Canada so our kids could meet and we could have a vacation together. It was the week of a lifetime! It will be a special memory for all of us. 
 We spent some time in Banff, then Waterton.

 It was awesome to do lots of hiking and spend so much time outside.

 We obviously needed lots of food for 11 kids!!

 You'd think these Carolina boys were Canadian- they were braver than brave in the icy water.

 Our families match up in age perfectly!


 Twins. I love the chocolate eyes.

 The sad farewell hugs.

 We had so much fun with our Carolina pals that we extended our trip another week spontaneouly (which is not like us!). We made sure we got to catch up with a few of our besties from Cardston.

I was SO happy to visit with Sis Berry- a kindred spirit :)