Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I think we need to enter a contest for the most beautiful tomato.
As soon as the garden gets harvested we start school. Eek. Summer goes by WAY too fast.
This is our theme for 2016
We had our Back to School Feast with our neighbor friends.
We had fancy soup and ice cream sundaes. The kids all used their fanciest manners so now I know how mannerly they can be when they want to be :)

Scarlet is such a party animal! She's also a pure delight these days. 
She's been so easy to homeschool. 
-She's read through her scripture readers this summer on her own before bed- she finished the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, New Testament and now she's on the Old Testament. 
-She finishes projects to the bitter end which means it's usually she and I finishing things up together.
-She wore tap shoes to church without me noticing until half way through Sacrament Meeting...
-She likes to wear her younger siblings' clothes for some weird reason. She's regularly seen squeezed into a teeny tiny something that's meant for someone half her age and size.
-She has a second identity, Mrs. Carols. Mrs. Carols is a dedicated teacher to Ezra. She's taught him everything from how to ride a bike, to potty training, to manners, to the alphabet, to how to be reverent in church. She's always on the look out for something knew to teach Ezra.
-She plays this imaginary game called "Harry" with Jacob for hours. 
Ezra occasionally will join in as "Crocky".
-She recently finished her first sewing project. A picnic tablecloth made from sewing bandanas together. 
-She's in the process of writing a story titled, "Singing Trees"

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