Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Easter Week

Scarlet put together the Easter lesson eggs this year. 
 Tim is always at meetings before church so he misses out on the family pics. 
 Hazel is the cutest age for egg hunting. 
 Easter bath?

 This is our version of Passover. We felt bad Ezra missed it but it was kinda nice if you know what I mean :)
 General Conference weekend is always one of the highlights of the year.  We learn from our church leaders and it's such an inspiring, faith filled, full of love and goodness weekend. It's been nice to have our traditions established now so the kids get right into it.
 We plan snacks and games and activities to go along with it to help the kids listen better but this year they barely needed it. I guess they're just getting old enough now to sit and enjoy.

Spring Cleaning

Nature Center day. Love this place.
 Highschool Basketball Provincials with our pals.

 His counting box :)
 Science class in action.
 Why do I feel like such a fun mom every time I do this?
 The Persian attire is a family tradition around here.
 Scarlet's first composition, "Raindrops".
 The Enjoy Center. My personal favorite outing.
 Ezra named his new orange flowers "King Leard". Yes, Lear-d with a "D". He's obviously been overhearing our Shakespeare classes.
 Charlie's been loving his bike odometer. It keeps track of all his many biking miles.
All 6 kids playing in one tree. Notice the clothes hanging on hangers from the branches. If you're playing house in a tree, you still need your clothes...
We had our annual optometrist visit and it was a disaster. The kids all have signs of having my eyes. I felt sick after. Let it be known that Scarlet tried to fake her eye exam so she could get glasses- as if me and the doctor would fall for that!

 This is my first Selfie. I don't really get it. Is it like, "I'm actually wearing make-up for once and want my posterity to know I wasn't hideous all the time" ? Because that's what this one was. But I think I'm good now for at least 4 more years.
 Scarlet is a relentless teacher. She puts a lot of pressure on Ezra to get into her lessons and I think she forgets he's only 3! She calls herself Mrs. Carols or Mrs. Melody.
 Snow sensory play. I do love the sensory bin.

The Homeland

I like to blog the pics when my parents go to Iran because I want these pics in my family albums. For obvious reason- giant beans and fresh beets! Now that's what I call quality fast food. 

 I have the coolest cousins!

 Fresh watermelon on the side of the road. You don't know how many times
 I've needed this in my life.
 So much prettiness.
 This is taking Saffron to the next level. 
 I'd be in pure heaven with this much local fresh fuits and veggies. 
Canada why are you so cold and unfresh?!
 Dates an dates and more dates.
 We all miss Baba so much.