Thursday, April 16, 2015


Scarlet wrote this a while ago, inviting the kids to a party she set up in the basement.

A typical Scarlet "office". We find these around the house daily.

Charlie wrote this up with Ez. What a great life.

Ez and Scarlet planned this concert for us.

I keep finding these cute knitted sweaters at the thrift store. 

I like this picture bc Hazel looks so grown up.

Coconut oil straight out of the jug.

This was more fun than it sounds. The littles learned The Three Little Pigs story then made the three houses. Once they had it down they made a little play for us.

I liked Ezra's huffing and puffing.
At the end I made mud with cornstarch and they played pigs in the mud.

Our annual Dragon Eggs with prizes inside.

We are nurturing Ezra's love of Pete the Cat.

 The littles are my Costco buddies every Wednesday :)

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