Saturday, March 7, 2015


My little Hazelnut. I just realized I named my baby after my favorite chocolatey treat. She loves her dollies. She cuddles and kisses them. I haven't had that since Scarlet so I forgot how cute it is.

She imitates the boys' computer math by saying, "Amazing!" We all get a kick out of it.
She's very polite. She says thank you every time she should- only it sounds more like, "Tank-oom"

When she wants me to make her popcorn she brings me to the kitchen and says, "Pop, pop, pop..."
She loves smoothies as much as Ez, the problem is that she wants it in a cup with a spoon like everyone else- it gets so messy!!

When ever we put on music for a family dance party she runs off and comes back with this tutu skirt. 
She likes to see it twirl when she dances.

When I put her shirt over her head she says. "Peekaboo."

This girl just learned how to escape from her bed which is disastrous. Bedtime has now changed from 8 minutes long to 60 minutes long. But it has been nice to have that time to snuggle her when I wouldn't have otherwise. She loves to have the palm of her hand tickled when she's lazy and sleepy. It's so cute. 

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