Sunday, August 24, 2014

Garden Times

It felt like an accomplishment to teach the kids about preparing and planning and planting and harvesting and composting and weeding and canning this summer. There's so much to learn but I'd say it was a substantial start.
Had to get a shot of Tim working in the garden. He shows up for the major weeding sessions. We all noticed how much faster and better he is at weeding than us. 

Thie kids couldn't wait to show Baba our onions. Jacob eats onions like apples.
 The problem is his breath after...
 Ezra loves to say to me, "Not the greens one right mom, just the orange ones." 
He loves the cherry tomatoes.
We all agree that cabbage is the most beautiful.
This is our first year canning pickles.
 Tim keeps daring us to open up pea pods and say there's no God. So funny.

 We came home from vacation and discovered we have a rooster! 
Scarlet often disappears to the raspberry patch.
 We won't be able to see her but we'll see the whole patch just swaying and shaking and then we know she's in there somewhere.

 Scarlet impressed me with her garden stamina. She's not always a "stay to the end" worker but she is when it comes to gardening. She'll say, "what's next mom?" or "what else can I do?" It was nice to spend the gardening time with her
 Jane whipped up some raspberry jam on her own this year.

 Sometimes the kitchen feels more like a factory.

 Jacob found gooseberries in the front yard. We have a few bushes of them. 
They look like teeny melons.


Jennifer Dehghani said...

That's a great first year garden! Very successful, but you are such a hard worker, it didn't happen by accident!

Jennifer Dehghani said...

Oops, that's mom...I'm logged out again:)