Thursday, June 19, 2014

Catch Up

 For date night we met Jay and Linda at the Science Center to watch Jerusalem. We sat down in our seats and about 4 seconds later Hazel started barfing like crazy. All over me. It was classic. So I took her to the restroom and gave her a bath in the sink. Kids are awesome at sabotaging date night.
Our good friends the Quintons came up from Cardston and we got to meet them for dinner. It was really nice catching up with them. I don't think Scarlet or Ally stopped giggling to breathe.

 Lap looming while I read aloud to them.
Tea parties with Ezra are tricky.

"Ezra, zip the green zipper. How about the red zipper. Now the blue zipper."
Jane makes awesome dream catchers.

 We had a fun time at the K'Nex exhibit. We couldn't peel the kids away, even for the Imax.
Jacob finished his math first this year so he picked a bag of K'Nex for his prize.

 Ezra making Jello with creepy crawlers inside.
 I'm trying not to burn out and still make lots of playdough for the last 2 babies.

Charlie and I worked hard on his cub car together. 

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