Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Littles

Hazel is just barely 9 months and she's already about to walk!
Her first tooth started poking out in March at 8 months. Now she has 2 teeth.

I was getting Hazel dressed one morning and Scarlet asks, "Is today church day?" I said, "No, it's Friday." She replied, "Then why are you putting clothes on Hazel?" That's a good good question. Why bother on a Friday?
This is what happens when you are the 5th of 6 kids. Wedding slide show right here.

 Ezra makes us laugh a lot. He's so so cuddly. 
He's mean to me sometimes but I still like him :)

Grammy and Baba got him this trike and he rides it ALL day. 
We love to look in his trunk- he rides around with random stuff back there like his blanky, a cup of water, almonds and toy animals.

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Elizabeth said...

Sarra...I heart your blog...thanks for writing and posting. I love dearly to see and read about the things that are important to you!